Structure of L@bISEN

The thematic multi-site teams which constitute L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest laboratory are grouped together in a structured framework based on its three key areas of research interest:


  • SEACOM: embedded systems, acoustics and telecommunications
  • LSL: light-scatter-learning
  • VISION-AD: computer vision and data analysis
  • ESE: energy and electromechanical systems
  • KLaIM: knowledge learning and information modeling
  • BAT: biology, agronomy and technologies
  • Underwater robotics


The desire to maintain human-scale teams with a maximum of around ten members has resulted in the former VISION team being divided into two distinct teams: the LSL (light-scatter-learning) sensor team which deals with aspects close to the sensor; and the VISION-AD team which focuses on aspects at a broader level). Other teams have also been renamed to make their key competencies more clearly apparent, for example the SIAM team is now known as KLalM.


In addition to its research teams, L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest has also developed technological platforms in association with various economic stakeholders. These platforms are a means of strengthening the links between research and teaching through projects and internships. The lab has also established an ambitious policy to create research chairs in partnership with institutional, academic and industrial organizations.



The Research Director of the Yncréa Ouest association is the Director of L@bISEN. L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest also relies on:


  • A Research Showcase Committee which supports teams in setting up projects with partners. It also facilitates the link between L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest and business incubators in order to encourage start-ups to emerge.
  • An administrative unit that deals with issues such as:
    • facilities, materials and information systems
    • links between teaching and research
    • participation in projects implemented by the research teams
    • engineering for research projects
    • identification of business opportunities and linkage with potential partners


Furthermore, L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest benefits from the input of a number of institutional bodies which guide and focus its work. The Strategic Research Council is composed of members qualified to help the research management team develop a shared strategic vision of its research. The role of the Research Showcase Committee is to identify market opportunities for research teams’ activities, thus ensuring that the lab works in line with industry’s aspirations as closely as possible and is able to benefit by doing so.